Increase Your Virtual RAM To Speed Up Computer

Some times Our PC goes to slow down or not working well then we are getting angry on that pc.  so you are thinking about PC to get back  normal way . For that your are searching so many articles, every article tell about "increase your virtual ram to speed up  PC" or "how to increase virtual memory in windows 7" or how to speed up like this question you are typing in googlr search bar. So here is the best way to get back your pc normally.

Step 1: go to Windows click it
Step 2: go to Control Panel
Step 3: Go To System and click on it
Step 4: Next Click on Advanced System Settings
Step 5: Click on Settings to get settings of Virtual Ram
Step 6  Next click on Advanced  Tab(Here You Can Find Total Paging File Size For all Drives)
Step 7: Click On Change Button
Step 8:   UnCheck the Box  at Automatically managed Paging File Size For all Drives in Ram.
Step 9: Now Go to Custom Size(for Modify the Virtual RAM)
Step 10: Enter Required Amount of Virtual RAM size (Recomende…

How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets

Callable means when you click on any mobile number in sheet then it automatically dialing of the specific Mobile Number like when you click email link  on webpage, it automatically opens the mail program. But one problem is "the website should open in Mobile device only, And it is recommended  ".
How to Make Phone Numbers Callable in Google Sheets.
and How to add the clickable mobile number protocol in your webpage.

tel is the protocol .it is used to auto dialing the number from webpage.
the syntax for the Callable telephone link uses the Anchor tag


So the above Image show the uses of the TEL protocol. Here we can see the Telephone Link link and User link when . The user click on the mobile number then it automatically opens the dialing the specific Mobile Number.
Google sheets phone number format and How to type in google sheetit is very easy to type the mobile number in google sheet. And Mostly all mobile numbers are made with the preceded by plus(+) symbol. So Google…

how to know What Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs

Hello This is Murali. Today i will show you something very interesting about FB.
Every day we are opening the facebook and  we are checking for new updates from our friends.
if any one uploads the Photo into Facebook then we may like the photo or not. It depends on their mood. Or sometimes we are uploading the Photos.The  but the facebook Company determining the Image "what's  inside the photograph" by using the Image recognition software. The image recognizer knows the "what you are doing in the photo", "what you are eating","What you are watching","where you are" like that question.

How Facebook Can See Inside Your Photographs
 1) Type facebook in google search engine.
 2) Login with Username and Password.
 3) Go to your Profile.
 4) Go to Photos tab and click on it.
 5) Select any image
 6) Right click on that image
 7) go to inspect(CTL+SHIFT+I)
 8)and check in ALT html tag and see what is there .

How to Embed images from google Photos into your Website

Google Photos is the best place to save  your Digital Photos and videos in google cloud. And There is no storage Restriction so you can upload the photos as well as Videos. So you can share you images and videos to your friends and  to your Colleagues. but sadly! Still there is a missing in google in Google Photos that is there is no embed option to share your image in your website. i mean if you uploaded your image onto google photos the you can not embed into your website when you use google photos.

To embed Google Photo into your website then simply goto
Step 1: First Go To Google Photos.
Step 2: Open any Photo that you want to Embed into website
Step 3:Click on the Share Icon at right side of the icons.
Step 4: Click on the Get Link option.
Step 5: Copy the Image Link.
Step 6:goto and paste your Link into
Step 7: goto your website and paste your embed code into your website.
Step 8: And you can change the length and width of the embed code as per your requirement.


PC Tricks For Windows 7


Top 17 Whatsapp Tricks you never know

Whatsapp is the top famous mobile messaging application in these days. But do you know some of the top secret tricks of Whatsapp .it may take you the next level. in this article we highlighting the most famous Whatsapp tricks.

Before going to Whatsapp tricks First Install whatsapp from google play
after Install whatsapp then go to whats login. or Download whatsapp messenger for mobile.

1) Run Multiple WhatsApp On Android Some times you need multiple Whatsapp Accounts on the same Mobile such as when you have a dual SIM mobile phone. Because you need to use for one Mobile Number for Friends as well you Family members. So don't worry there are so many methods to use different Whatsapp Accounts in same Device. But all requires root access.  Download OGWhatsappCreate backup of Your whatsapp Messanger in your deviceNow Clear the entire Whatsapp data from Whatsapp settings/Uninstall Whatss msgrAfter uninstall ,Now Rename Whatssapp folder name in your SD card to OGWhatsapp.Now go to OGWha…

How to Speed Up Chrome Browser Easily

In This Computer Tricks .We show how to Speed Up Chrome Browser easily with Settings
 we have three steps to speed up Chrome Browser

Steps 1 : Disable Plugins Steps 2 : Disable Extensions Steps 3 : Clear Your Browser Data
Steps 1 : Disable Plugins  I think you may use so many Plugins yes ! I can bet you . And Many plugins are not using. some plugins you are using for increase speed your surfing .but too much plugins may case slow up your browser .Please follow the below steps and start deleting your extra plugins from browser
go to below address 
go to above link and unchecked unused plugins 

Note: please careful while deleting and unchecking
Steps 2 : Disable Extensions You may wonder if of plugins and extensions are almost similar to each other ?  plugins are basically third party programs . which are used to enhance the speed and performance of browser whereas  the extensions are specifically used for browser
go to below address 
chrome://extensions/ check the all list…